• Zvučni projektor Audac ASP20

Zvučni projektor Audac ASP20

Šifra artikla: ASP20
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Opis artikla

360° Horizontal coverage; Moisture- and UV resistant; Suitable for in- and outdoor; 4 different power taps; 1.5 m connection cable; High-fidelity music reproduction.

Ostale informacije

The ASP20 is AUDAC’s spherical speaker. It is a full range sphere speaker which is especially designed to provide high-quality sound with a 360° horizontal coverage in a variety of in- and outdoor applications. Because of the 360° horizontal coverage, the wide dispersion will be perfect for big, open area’s like like large retail spaces, factory halls, shopping centers or various other applications. Due to the wide, smooth frequency response and the high efficiency, this speaker ensures high-fidelity reproduction of music and intelligible speech at very low distortion. The housing is made of strong, white ABS material which is moisture and UV resistant. It is equipped with a 100 Volt line transformer which makes it suitable to be used in large 100V PA systems, containing power taps for 20 Watt, 10 Watt, 5 Watt and 2,5 Watt The modern looking design makes sure that it will blend into any environment.

Datoteke artikla

Tehničke specifikacije

Dimenzije :  254 mm
Osjetljivost (1w/1m) :  92 dB
Težina :  2.95 kg
Frekvencijski opseg (-10dB) :  
Frekvencijski odaziv (-3,+3dB) :  80Hz - 18kHz
RMS Snaga :  20 Watt
Max snaga :  40 Watt
Max SPL :  103 dB
Impendancija :