• Stropni ugradbeni zvučnik MERO6

Stropni ugradbeni zvučnik MERO6

Šifra artikla: MERO6
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  • Stropni ugradbeni zvučnik MERO6
  • Stropni ugradbeni zvučnik MERO6
  • Stropni ugradbeni zvučnik MERO6
  • Stropni ugradbeni zvučnik MERO6

Opis artikla

- High-end 2-way in-wall speaker; Slim grill with thin border (1 mm); Elegant & unobtrusive design; Warm & true to nature sound; Paintable front grill; 1” + 6” aluminium membrane drivers; 60 Watt RMS power; Gold-Con™ connections; Quick and simple mounting

Ostale informacije

The MERO speakers will blend beautifully into any interior due to their nearly invisible design, making only their extraordinary sound draw your attention. Their slim grill with very thin border of only 1 mm and limited grill depth extrudes the surface by only 3.2 mm when installed. Their grilles are retained by neodymium magnets which enables assembly in seconds, while powerful enough to keep the grill fixed, even when subject to vibrations or if touched. Their applications range from residential Hi-Fi and home cinema installations to multi-zone systems, unobtrusive installations in lounges, bars, boutiques and offices. The selection of high-grade materials in combination with accurate acoustics craftsmanship makes the MERO speakers superior in their class. The largest sized MERO6 consists of a 6” aluminium cone woofer and complementary 1” dome tweeter that are smoothly matched and optimized using a high-quality crossover network. This results in a true to nature sound reproduction for a warm and detailed sound with an RMS power of 60 Watt. An acoustically optimized waveguide matches the dispersion of woofer and tweeter, while a phaseplug reduces diffraction and enhances offaxis high frequency response. All these details share their part to its pure sound. An elegant look with minimal visual impact is created by the slim grill with very thin border, while great ease and installers convenience is guaranteed using the quick-fix mechanism with Gold-CON™ connectivities. Installation can be done both vertically and horizontally, while the adjustable tweeter allows optimal orientation positioning.

Datoteke artikla

Tehničke specifikacije

Dimenzije :  196,5 x 276,5 x 82 mm
Osjetljivost (1w/1m) :  88 dB
Težina :  1,66 kg
Frekvencijski opseg (-10dB) :  44 Hz - 20 kHz
Frekvencijski odaziv (-3,+3dB) :  55 Hz - 20 kHz
RMS Snaga :  60 Watt
Max snaga :  120 Watt
Max SPL :  106 dB
Impendancija :  8 Ohm